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Football Games on Android

Are you a crazy fan of football games? Then you may find the hi-tech football gaming apps on your android mobile phones. Today, if you have a smartphone in your hand, you can say goodbye to boredom. And when it is about the football games on your smartphone, you can get stuck with your phone all day long. Here is the list of enticing football gaming apps for Android phones. Read on to know more- One of the best football games for android is Madden mobile. This american football game is the best you can get out there, as the most games that are on android are for European Soccer: Like Fifa 17

Madden mobile is designed only for America and that why is so popular here. It is so popular so right now there is even a Madden mobile hack that allow you to get unlimited coins!

Freekick Champion: Soccer World Cup

This is one of the most played football games on android phones. Here, you get your favorite soccer team and help it to win the championship. You should practice it to attain skill to defend your goalpost from the free kicks of opponent team, and you also need to shot free kick to score.


  • You will get numerous teams to play with
  • Controlling the game is very easy
  • The realistic and high-quality graphics engage players
  • The atmosphere is exclusive.

Mobile Soccer League

Another exciting mobile football game that is not only exciting elder but also is a favorite of many teenagers. Here, you get the chance of choosing your favorite soccer teams from many teams; you can also select tactics and also start the best line-up for your team to win the matches.


  • 2 game modes are available
  • Graphics are bright and attractive
  • You can get 3 soccer leagues to play here
  • The most important feature of this game is you can have real clubs and players here
  • Controlling is very easy.

Soccer Manager Arena

This soccer game is a bit different than any other conventional football gaming apps. Here, you need to gather cards with different soccer players. Once you collect the best soccer team before matches, you can win against several opponents.


  • You can get 106 cards with soccer players
  • Usually, 3 types of cards are available
  • You can fight against any other player
  • Lots of other unique areas of playing.

Stick Soccer 2

Another unique soccer game to kill your boredom instantly. It is a game with strong and perfect free kicks and scores goals against your opponents. Take part in Europe Championship and enjoy your victory!


  • Enjoy playing with different teams
  • Many famous soccer players
  • Opportunities to score high
  • Controlling is simple to understand

Football Manager Mobile 2017– Welcome the New Year with this exciting football game. Not only playing the game, but you can also get a team to manage and make your place on the top of the tournament board.


  • There are football leagues of 15 countries
  • The statistics are described in detail for all players
  • There are different types of championships
  • Controlling is very handy.

These are top five football games for Android phones. Just download these from Google Play store and enjoy these football games with many other games at any place, anytime. So, if you are hiding your passion for playing football on the fields, try them on your phone right now.

The principle of GPS measurements

Measurements of distances that the receiver makes are affected by the error of the satellite clock and the receiver, so they are called pseudo – distances. Using synchronized clocks and in the absence of other disturbing influences, measuring one distance to the satellite receiver can determine its position somewhere on a sphere centered on the satellite having a radius equal to the distance measured.


Performing simultaneous measurements at the two satellites, the receiver position will be on a circle representing the place of intersection of the two spheres centered on these satellites. Performing a third simultaneous measurement of distance, it follows a third sphere which intersects the other two only in two points.


One of these points can be removed immediately as receiver position, because he will find somewhere far away in space. In principle, simultaneous measurements of distances to three satellites provides sufficient information to determine a fixed position in three dimensions.

In principle, simultaneous measurements of distances to three satellites provides sufficient information to determine a fixed position in three dimensions. If we assume the existence receiver clock error and considering that the receiver clock is not synchronized with the clock while GPS satellite, it is not mathematically possible to uniquely determine the values of the four parameters posing only three measurements using sim for cell phone tracker can use coordinates from satellites.

When a determination is made by using GPS technology, the visibility of receivers is not a requirement of measurement as these receivers do not transmit and receive signals between them not, but they receive from the satellites moving around the Earth. Signals from GPS satellites are like sunlight, so any obstruction in their path greatly reduces the signal strength may even hinder his reception. The first stage of planning relates to the selection of a period for performing measurements, which will subdivide the session.

Another criterion for selecting the optimal period refers to the influence of atmospheric refraction, which is much lower at night than day. It is indicated that stations are not obstructed in terms of visibility over the elevation of 15-20 degrees. If the station is portable, it is best to find the degree of the reduced obstruction.

Too dense vegetation can create visibility problems for GPS stations and the leaves and branches of trees can block satellite signals. Proceed to deforestation in the area, on the agreement reached by the organs of law. Also, avoid placing plants near tall buildings or vertical walls that might interfere with the received signal and high power emitters. In this phase prepares a chart of obstruction or a polar diagram in order to determine the optimal period of stationary point when satellite visibility is best.

Visit stations is mandatory for every point to be stationed before the start of the actual project measurements. It is recommended that all team members to participate in this recognition in the field and also to examine the spot diagram of obstruction. A minimum of three points of support are needed for a complete 3D compensation. The project is greatly to be included more support points. In case of suspected some points with low accuracy, it is recommended to expand their number, for additional control – in this case it is estimated results with high accuracy.

Pokemon Go uses your photo camera

Te camera is probably the most important element of a smartphone. We all want a camera as advanced as rapidly and why not, as smaller and lighter. Among photographers say that the best camera is the one you have on you. For us fans, it is certainly smartphone. The camera of the smartphone is probably the most promoted features in this device. And this at a time when Nokia was king, with its N95. It was one of the best smartphones of the moment, even if the term is defined just a device with camera and Internet access. And now it is the same, just the experience has improved tenfold.

Microsoft no longer pays attention to Windows 10 ecosystem for smartphones, but is still a flagship in the tender called Lumia 950.



The phone features an AMOLED 5.2 “QHD resolution under which there is a Snapdragon chipset with the processor 808 dual-core Cortex-A57 of 1.82 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 1.44 GHz, 3 GB RAM and minimum plus 32 GB internal memory.
The phone is water dust resistant, comes with a chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB RAM and supports 4G speed of up to 450Mps. Is you want a top smartphone, but with a diagonal of 4”. iPhone is definitely the only choice that you can do. With a creativity design rented from the iPhone 5S, the new iPhone processor platform rent his older nation, the iPhone 6S, and uses a proprietary of Apple A9 chipset at a frequency slightly slower. Unfortunately, if the base model, the internal memory is only 16 GB.

Finnish manufacturer launched earlier this year at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a phone with a camera spectacular, with a resolution of 41 MP, but a sensor 5 times higher than those that equip phones usual. Not all pictures are taken at 41 MP. Some have less. But the technology behind it is intelligence. Of more pixels, comprises one, pixel perfect, and thus the background noise is eliminated. Many megapixels and zoom intervene. It’s different than the rest, that judging by placing buttons and after laser focus system. It is only using such a system has proven not very quickly.

But it has an advantage, focuses pretty well in low light without using the flash to blind you. At least not before you get the picture. The same level might fall and launched the new LG G4. We see that after the review completely.
iPhone 6 Plus – At launch left us all gaping. It is good to know that Apple has the best of an image processing algorithms, and camera menu on the iPhone 6 Plus is the simplest and easiest to use. But lacks 4K recording capabilities and technically, has a sensor something weaker. However, many believe that it would have the best camera.
Besides you can catch pokemon with your mobile phone camera, if you have a better quality camera, you will have the advantage. The picture is very real, making your Pokemon to seem very real. It organizes various competitions in which each player can send screenshots of their pokemon. It is estimated Pokemon picture quality and image.


Offline site is prepared for digital experiences.

A chubby and genial Squirtle, 9kg and only half a meter, could be your first catch in the world of Pokemon Go.  Next will be more difficult to find and secure you out of the house, will lure with flashes green park across the street or at the corner store. For Nintendo, the manufacturing company will be added to record another hunter who already has more users than Twitter Candy Crush Saga and knelt, record holder in terms of revenues. For marketers, playing the pokemon is already a gold mine. Although The Pokemon Company has not yet given way commercials paid / sponsored locations in the game, do not expect marketers, invents his own strategies and align their messages creatively to mass hysteria caused by creatures Strider, Japanese descent.

The first rule Pokemon GO creates most favorable environment for marketing campaigns

From the beginning, the game tells you the basic rule: Stay aware of your surroundings. Neither as you could want as a man of marketing and advertising, a public more curious, more present, more willing to respond to visual stimuli near his more motivated to explore new locations and follow indications. And if you ambition to go against the tide, everything you learned from Pokemon obsession GO: notoriety beat ingenuity. Ingress, augmented reality game produced by Nintendo with geolocation Go ahead of experienced relative success and has established itself slowly over some years.

Pokemon Go, instead, reached the heights of popularity since launch day, although it differs greatly, as the structure of Ingress. What really drove this game? The popularity creatures with which most of the Millennium they grew and grew. Pokemon were always with her, and now that they have become grown men, independent, meet them in quasi-real world, they can return the favor, I can take care leads to room, feed.

The lesson is obvious: no matter how smart, catchy, the funny and challenging concepts branding campaign, launches and brand itself will find an echo greater in strength of attachment to the public, as will be based the simple emotions, values shared by generations, the symbols recognized by the masses.

Sure, if you choose to go with the flow and take advantage of the amazing speed with which propagates, Pokemon GO can be a marketing tool in itself, even in this period, before launching locations Sponsored promised. Companies, politicians, police stations, malls, communication agencies already use it to raise informal ties with the public, to show empathy and complicity to strengthen its reputation in the digital environment. Something more practical, those from T-Mobile is launching a promotion that offers free data traffic in Pokemon GB for one year, plus discounts on phone chargers, battery consume the speed with which the game is already an urban legend. To revive the interest of buyers, malls are already at the starting line and wait for the signal to give free Pokestop sites and pokemon go eggs hack Sponsored Links.

For now, only the launch in Japan of this game brings and the first sponsored locations. It’s about 3,000 McDonald’s restaurants and all of Japan. On the other hand, no communicators behind politicians are not idly but with an eye on the public interest. And at the moment, international public interest is predominant oblique eyes, names of origin predominantly Japanese, scales / shell / tail twisted and crazy mood of hide and seek.

Old Personal Computer

PC market is not an alarming situation, and 2016 could be the fourth in a row in which it recorded a significant decline. According to IDC, the number of devices shipped will decrease by 4.9%. One of the main causes of this phenomenon is the popularity of increasingly larger mobile devices, especially phones. As I write those from PC Magazine, this could mean that PCs will go out of style any time soon.


In these circumstances, it is good to know that they can still be useful even when you want to give them up. Depending on the age of the devices, desktops and laptops old can still be capable of performing surprising if you choose to opt for one of the solutions below. Although in some cases would require upgrades of some components such as RAM or hard disk, most often a change of the operating system will prove more useful.

A new operating system could help you more than you thought. Even an old PC for many years could benefit from the new software. Given that you want to give up Windows, you have a few options very good, all based on Linux. For those who want something like Windows, there are options Ubuntu and Linux Mint Moon.

If you want something interesting, but there can always create your own Chromebook. Chrome OS operating system is not, however, available for download, so users will have to download Chromium on this link. The only things needed are a 4GB USB stick and a minimum of understanding.

Confidentiality is one of the main concerns of users today. Given the many scandals related to this subject, an old computer might prove extremely useful. Using software Tails (Incognito Live System The amnesic), the computer can be turned into a machine that will help you maintain anonymity on the internet at all times. Apparently, Tails can run from SD card, USB and DVD so that you can carry extremely easy.

If one is not yet accommodated with relatives PCs, an old computer as it could as a first step for them Informatics. Situations where a relative one buys a computer can become extremely unpleasant, it constantly contacting you for advice. A simpler version would be to format your old computer and create a user that has a much lower level of access.

As I write the PC, that person would not be able to install any software. Before giving this old computer, you should install a program like TeamViewer to make updates easier and moments to be run complex applications.

Many old PCs have Wi-Di capability so that they could never work as a personal hotspot. Otherwise, you can use the instructions in Windows or software dedicated for such a solution. Connectify, for example, is a program that allows you to create a Wi-Fi network using a computer connected to the Internet via cable. Of course, it is always preferable to a router applications such as Connectify, but if you are in this connection box, be aware that a lifetime subscription costs $ 40, and one for one year costs $ 25.  So much for pc expect the following article to read these articles.

Space Segment

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NAVSTAR GPS satellites send syncronized signals for two carriers, the position of the satellites parameters and additional information such as the status of satellites. This constellation ensures visibility for at least four satellites simultaneously, from any point on Earth, and if the satellite passes through the zenith of the observer, then that satellite will be visible for about 5 hours.


At first was set Block 1 of satellites, 1978 – 1985 which were prototype satellites designed for testing and development phase. Their weight was 845 kg and were designed for an operational life of five years. The first satellite was launched in February 1978 and the last of the 11 foreseen in October 1985.

Generally satellites of this generation have met during their lifetime, many of them even exceeding it, so in 1993 they were still functional satellites launched in the period 1983 – 1985. Block II satellites requires 24 operational satellites and three backup willing 6 orbital planes inclined 55 °. They differ essentially from the previous generation satellites that were implemented protection techniques SA si AS.

The average length of these satellites were expected age to 6 years, which led to their replacement start since 1995. The first satellite of thiss generation, weighing approx. 1500 kg was launched in February 1989. The main task is to deliver satellite signals that can be received with suitable receivers. For this, each satellite is equipped with clocks, a microprocessor and an antenna. Ensuring supply is realized by solar batteries.

The current constellation consists of 34 operational satellites. The altitude of the satellites are located about 20 000 km and the duration of a revolution is 12 hours. GPS uses satellites as reference points to calculate position with an accuracy of the meters but with advanced GPS options can make measurements with an accuracy of less than one centimeter. In a way it is like would assign a unique address to each square meter of the planet.

If measuring radio signal propagation time is the secret proper functioning of GPS, watches must be really good because if there was an error of one thousandth of a second, the speed of light error that means almost 200 miles. Currently, they are not yet all launch, although the system is operative in the US, Japan and some  European countries, with significant scope for developing the network connection to the system and to increase the coverage surface.  An application that uses GPS technology is called lot Phone Tracker and can be found only on smartphones.

Signals from satellites are recognized by a specialized GPS receiver than syncronizes the carrier frequency, calculates its position in relation to those satellites and provides the user with data about their position on the globe.

If the receiver can capture signals from satellites simulataneously, then he will be able to offer another position parameter: altitude.  Trying to clarify what stage we are we and where are we going is probably one of the oldest human unrest. Navigation and positioning are crucial to so many activities that were held quite cumbersome.

With the passage of a number of technologies have tried to simplify this task but all had a number of disadvantages. In general equipment satellite vehicle location, GPS modules that incorporate precious location can have between 2.5 m and 50m depending on the provider and technical features required. Great importance in determining accuracy has number of satellites from which GPS coordinates take, usually 8 to 24 satellites.

Celebrity Fashion

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Zoella only was separated from the third-boyfriend Olivier Martinez, and already has found solace in the arms of another man.

The actress announced late last year that divorces French actor, whom she gave birth to a child, ending a marriage that lasted two years. Although they went on a vacation together in Mexico, it appears that each is not about any reconciliation since Halle is already loves another man.


The famous actress, aged 25 years, was recently surprised by paparazzi Americans during a romantic dinner in New York with a much older man.


The two seemed very in love and despite the presence of photographs, they gave all the way to the hand, man is extremely protective of Berry. However, US media failed to identify the mystery man who apparently stole her heart actress.

Zoella to avoid the journalists and fans to communicate with it using Zoella Phone Number. This answer all messages coming from the fans. Zoella Phone Number can be found on the website Zoella agreed to use a phone number to differentiate from other celebrities.

Some international celebrities use their clothing to show their originality, even if adopted one out of the canons of fashion. The most beautiful women of the world refuses to follow trends and be back in time adopting favorite style, be it about the ’50s or the’ 90s the punk! Von Teese from Dita, a true fan fashion 50s, and up to Rihanna, who appears to have remained anchored in the 80s, or Katy Perry, who prefer the style of 90s vintage dresses the stars who behold.

Beyonce – is, of course, superlative diva. With whatever dressing, in any weather, any time, simply falls nicely on those of her curves so voluptuous and feminine. All for her obsession began in the 90s when he was part of the group Destiny`s Child, along with the other three soloists, along with Beyonce broke all sales records. Her clothes, even if it seems drawn from another time, not take away anything charm and vocal qualities, even if i puts more track of your. We can imagine what the battle is on designers the world to wish it a dress, but Beyonce prefer to keep things in the family. Her favorite designer is even her mother, one thing that you can not even count.

Overseas stars are those that establish certain trends and those who sometimes try to copy them, but in a good way. The truth is that inspires us and when we are out of ideas, if we look at some pictures of outfits catchy, definitely we will try to take elements that seem interesting examples and suitable for us.

This spring we should not forget, undoubtedly, to wear accessories that are in tune with the weather outside, special accessories that make us shine, literally and figuratively. That is why we want to offer a few suggestions  inspired by international stars.

Fifa 17

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Full trailer will appear on June 12.
Fifa 17
EA Sports released this evening first clip shows images of FIFA 17! “Football has changed” is the motto of this year’s game, in reference perhaps to the new Frostbite engine.

After FIFA 17 has had in recent years Ignite engine’s premiere will choose the other famous games produced by EA and Battlefield. And the end of the clip shows this!

The graphics presented in the final few moments of truly spectacular! And the new engine will bring changes in terms of gameplay. Full trailer will be presented on June 12.

The contract between Messi and EA Sports was complete.

EA Sports has released the first teaser for Monday night FIFA 17, following the full trailer to appear on June 12. The clip shows the new Frostbite engine that will bring major improvements in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Another detail revealed by EA Sports with trailer is who will be on the cover of the game. Leo Messi was chosen the last games but the agreement with EA Sports was complete.

As the first versions, Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo are unavailable, people at EA Sports have chosen another option! Four players from most countries of the world championships will appear on the cover: James Rodriguez (Real Madrid), Eden Hazard (Chelsea), Anthony Martial (Manchester United) and Marco Reus (Borussia Dortmund).